Discover How We Can Add $15k+ To Your Business, Every Single Month On Auto-Pilot

(WITHOUT Ads, Big Discounts, Large Fees Or You Having To Do Anything)

(WITHOUT Ads, Big Discounts, Large Fees Or You Having To Do Anything)

Yes, It Can Work for YOUR Business. Yes, I Can Prove it. 
Yes, We Have a 100% Results or Your Money Back Guarantee.

Dear eCommerce Store Owner, 

If you're looking for an immediate boost in revenue... 

And your online store's email marketing is not doing at least 25-30% of your overall sales… 

Then this is going to be the most important message you read all day!

You probably already have Mailchimp or Klaviyo set up.

You’ve heard that email is the highest ROI marketing channel. 

And maybe you have an automation or two running in the background.

And if you got that far...

You probably have a signup form tucked away at the bottom of your website.

That’s where 99% of our clients start and stop with email marketing, before they meet us.

And like a stone in your shoe that you just don’t have the time to take out…

You know email marketing is important.

It’s been on your mind since day one but it’s forever stuck on the back burner. 

That’s understandable.

As an eCom brand or online store owner, you’re not eating the “elephant” one bite at a time… 

You’re chewing like hell!

You’ve got a lot on your plate…

👉 From making sure your ads are running profitably,

👉 To coming up with new product ideas and managing production,

👉 Creating content and running your social media accounts…

👉 Dealing with customer complaints and issues…

👉 And managing team members…

The list goes on!

Who’s also got time to create well-designed emails that get sales and build relationships with your customers?

Never mind spending months or years figuring out what works for your brand, hiring the right people, and hoping to see a return on your efforts.


❌ Too much work. 

❌ Too much trial and error. 

❌ And too long before your emails are making you money.

“But I Want Results Like, Right NOW”

You’d be surprised at how close you actually are to a major boost in revenue

👋 Hi I'm Jordan, the Founder of OHM!

I’m not good at taking selfies but I’m really good at helping eCom businesses uncover fast and massive revenue growth with email marketing.

Here’s the thing…

If you’re running paid traffic to your website right now, you need a locked-in email marketing strategy that's firing on all cylinders 24/7/365.


Because increasing your sales without it is like trying to carry water around using a sieve. 

❌ All that traffic slipping through your fingers.

❌ All those customers checking out your website for a few seconds before leaving.

❌ And never returning.

❌ All that revenue lost.

What you need is to replace that sieve with a bucket.

Giving traffic and customers a freaking good reason to stick around and share their email addresses. 

So you have the opportunity to convert them later when they’re ready to buy.

What you need is a behaviorally driven, permission-based email marketing strategy that delivers your brand's message and offers to your customer’s most private and engaged online space…

Their inbox!

Converting more traffic and massively increasing your sales by sending the right message at the right time.

The best part?

These aren’t new sales.

They already exist within your funnel!

You just aren’t capturing them yet.

It is ACTUALLY like flipping a switch and redirecting that lost traffic and sales, uncovering extra revenue that was there all along.

Here’s a client of ours before they flipped the switch (November 2021):

And here’s their results after they flipped the switch (January 2022):

We did that.

An extra $24 thousand dollars.

It took us less than 60 days.

And we can do it for you too!

“How Are You Going To Increase My Sales?”

We’ll Build, Implement, and Optimise Your Email Marketing With Tried and Tested Email Marketing Strategies.

For most eCom stores the easiest wins they can score are with list growth, flows and campaigns.

💌 List Growth & Reactivation:
Let's say your site has a solid conversion rate of 5%...

This means that 95% of people that you're encouraging - or paying - to visit your site will bounce and disappear forever...
You don’t need to buy more traffic to get more customers.
Imagine if you could convert more of your existing traffic instead...

That's where we come in with email marketing!

We'll also work to re-engage people who have been on your list for a while but are now inactive.
Because the easiest person to convert is someone that's already purchased from you!
💌 Flows:
Automated behavioural emails that fire off when a buyer takes a specific action on your site.

Think: when they subscribe to your list, abandon their order or make a purchase. 

You should view Flows as the beating heart of your email marketing.

They pump away without you thinking about it too much, but it’s the revenue lifeblood of your email strategy.

It’s where we see the biggest boost in revenue with all our clients.
And it picks up the lost sales that you might not even know you’re missing.
This is the bucket that I mentioned…

💌 Campaigns:
Newsletters, business updates, back-in-stock emails…

Anything that’s relevant or current that your list should know about or would be interested in buying.

These emails are highly targeted to your email list to build the relationship and nurture a buyer journey with your brand.

The strategy is simple and very effective.

But it’s not one size fits all!

Every email we create for you is bespoke. 

And we won't run a 20% off promotion every Friday!

We’ll capture the design vibe and writing tone of your brand so they look and feel like something that you’ve done in-house.
And the strategy we implement for your brand is unique and deliberate to achieve your revenue and growth goals.

Take a Look At Some Of These Results We’ve Produced For Our Clients...

"An additional 28% of store revenue within 30 days..."

"How we drove nearly HALF of this Luxury Fashion Brand's online sales..."

"Our process and strategies work no matter your product or price point..."

“So What Does Working with OHM Look Like?”

2 Words: Easy and Profitable

Here’s a breakdown of a typical email management package:

1. Full email software management
We’ll pop the hood on your email service provider, turn and push all the right levers and buttons to make it sing a profitable tune.

2. Migration and tech support
If you don’t like your current software or are struggling to make it do what you want we’ll help you migrate to a new platform and iron out all the bugs.

3. Copywriting
On-brand and accurate copywriting that delivers your message and gets people hungry to buy your offer.

4. Custom Design
Non-cookie cutter emails that look stunning and capture the vibe of your brand and elevate your customer experience. 

5. Campaign and strategy planning
Results-driven planning that’s aligned with your brand's messaging and promotion schedule. 

6. Optimization
AB testing, data analysis, and tracking to pinpoint where you could be sending more effective emails and making more money.

We’ll slot in with your current marketing team or strategy seamlessly. 

We want to make working together as fluid and easy as possible, while achieving maximum results with as much communication and guidance as needed.

These Are Some Brands We've Already Done This For...

Pet Store: Before

Interiors Store: Before

Beauty Store: Before

Clothing Store: Before

Fashion Store: Before

Pet Store: +$24k Each Month

Interiors Store: +$9k Each Month

Beauty Store: +CA$4k Each Month

Clothing Store: +$17k Each Month

Fashion Store: +AU$17k Each Month

Pet Store: Before

Pet Store: +$24k Each Month

Interiors Store: Before

Interiors Store: +$9k Each Month

Beauty Store: Before

Beauty Store: +CA$4k Each Month

Clothing Store: Before

Clothing Store: +$17k Each Month

Fashion Store: Before

Fashion Store: +AU$17k Each Month

Did you notice that none of these brands are in the same niche or industry?

That’s because it doesn’t matter what you sell or what service you provide.

A strong email marketing strategy CAN work for your business too!

And chances are it’ll work even better than you’d expect…

“Results are Great, But Can You Create Beautiful Emails That Match My Brand Vibe?”


Every email we create for you is custom-designed with your brand’s look and feel in mind. 

Whether it’s maintaining your current aesthetic or a from-the-ground-up refresh, your emails will look B-E-A-utiful!

Feast your eyes on some of our best designs…

It’s Likely That They’ve Been Struttin’ Their Stuff in Your Inbox Already:

“But What’s It Cost?”

So this is where it gets good…

Before I reveal the price to you I want to put it into perspective.

If you’re serious about turning your email marketing into a money-printing machine, then you’ve got 2 options:

1. Build an email marketing team which would cost a minimum of $8,000 PER MONTH to do it in-house.

It’s a you-get-what-you-pay-for situation.

And remember, you’ll need multiple people: an email marketing strategist, a copywriter and a UI designer.


2. Hire an agency that’s going to charge a large, fixed fee. 

Let’s just say that it’s going to cost about an arm or a leg…

But, we like to take a different approach.

If you win, we win. 

And we really like to win!

You won’t get a fat monthly bill and have nothing to show for it. 

So together we’ll work out a performance-based fee that’s usually a percentage of the revenue we create for you and a small one-off set-up fee.

“But What If It Doesn’t Work?”

First of all, it will work!

And secondly, we have a 100% money-back results guarantee.

If we don’t add 30% to your revenue we’ll give you all your money back and an extra $1,000 just to make up for wasting your time.

But guess what?

We’ve never had to refund anyone :)

And all our current and past clients had the same offer on the table. 

So our guarantee has been tested.

We even have a badge because it’s that official…

Ready to Start Winning at Email?

Right now these are the facts:

You could be sitting on a huge boost to your sales and revenue and you don’t even know it.

If you had the time to figure out email marketing and do it yourself, you would have done it already.

Your options are simple…

Book a FREE Strategy Call where we’ll help you figure out where you can grab the easiest spike in sales that you’ve ever seen in your life.


Keep that stone in your shoe. 

It’s completely risk-free.

Even if you book your call and you decide that it’s not for you, that’s fine!

But wouldn’t you rather know exactly how much money you're leaving on the table and develop a solid strategy to start scooping it up?


Jordan Doughty
Founder of Open House Media


We will add 25-30% to your eCommerce store's revenue with email marketing. Each and every month. On auto-pilot. 

Without running big discounts, without having to rely on volatile and inconsistent paid advertising platforms, without you having to lift a finger and without charging you large fixed fees.

Book in a call now to get your unique game plan; our email marketing strategy tailor made for your business, before our calendar's full up… because we’re only doing a few of these this month!

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